Georg Gerlach AG, Berlin (GGCO)

Logos GGCo, in various minor variations, and EPG. The EPG logo relates to the original name of the firm, Electro-Photographische Anstalt Georg Gerlach & Co. There is an article on this firm in issue 29 of The Postcard Annual (see refs). There is a catalog of Gerlach cards in the Image Archive section of the Ross postcards site

The photographic credit on embossed card 163, "F.M. Cologne", occurs on the cards of several publishers. This card exhibits, in a rather surreal way, the "blueing" or "silvering" of dark areas which can occur on old photos. The photographic credit on card 453, "Gerlach", presumably means Georg himmself took the photo.

GGCo advert 1910
EPG 18-3
GGCo 163-6
GGCo 453-2 (jer)